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Script to distribute funds to different accounts. The amounts are fully configurable and hierarchical groupable. Different configurations are possible and a second passphrase is supported.


Make sure to have installed the imported python modules time, json, requests, sy, yaml. For example in Ubuntu this is done with 'sudo apt-get install python-requests python-yaml'. If you start the script with missing modules it will tell you which modules you have to install. Read also the header in Read also README.txt and the comments in config.yml.


You have to modify the file config.yml to adapt it for your needs. See the instructions in README.txt. The script won't run if you don't adapt the mentioned constants. In the beginning, the script runs in the Simulation mode. This means, no real transactions are executed. If you are sure your configuration is correct, set the SIMULATION flag in to 'False'. You can add multiple configuration secions, to use different distributions from different accounts.


Make sure this script is executable with 'chmod +x' If you start the script with no parameters: './' it uses the default config section in config.yml. If you want to run a different config secion, you can add it as an argument with the '-c . Example: './ -c cc001' Before executing the transactions, you need to confirm it again. If you want to suppress this request, you can add the '-y' flag, which means that the question is answered automatically with 'yes'. This is needed if you want to run the script non-interactively, for example with 'cron'.


The default configuration sends 1% of your distributed funds to my donations account 9959711110222257320L. :) If you don't want to send such a donation, of course you simpley can remove or modify it!



If you have any question or suggestion, please contact me on, or

If you like this script, please vote for my delegate 'cc001' on test- and mainnet, Thanks!


Script to automatically distribute funds to different accounts.



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