Sign multiple pending multisig transactions automatically in one batch
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This script is used to automatically sign multiple pending multisig-transactions in a specific account. After executing it, it will list the pending multisig transactions in this account and will ask you if you want to sign all these transactions in one batch.




Installing needed python modules:

sudo apt-get install python-requests

If you start the script with missing modules it will tell you which modules you have to install.

Cloning github repo

git clone

Make script executable

chmod +x


Before executing the script you have to adapt the file Open the file with a text editor and adapt the following three variables:


Enter here the url of the node you want to use to sign your transactions. It is recommended to use your own node, or only a node you really trust


Enter here the publickey of the account which holds the multisign transactions. This is not the publickey of your own account.


Enter here your secret to sign the multisig transactions. This is the secret of your own account.


Execute the script with ./ It will list the pending multisign transactions and will ask you if you want to sign all of them. If you answer with y (for yes), it will sign the transactions. If you answer anything else it will abort.