add a cookie hint for your users, that remembers a user for 14 days
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A Cookie Based Interactive Cookie Hint Generator

I know, it sounds crazy 😉

  • needs jQuery >= 2.x

CSS Framework independent!

Use it. Use it, like there's no tomorrow!

  jQuery(document).ready(function($) {
      bottom: true, // position of cookie hint
      html: "<strong>About Cookies on this site</strong> - This site uses Cookies, you guessed it.",
      button: true, // false
      buttonHtml: "<strong>shut it!</strong>",
      backgroundColor: "#4286f4",
      color: "#ffffff",
      rowPadding: "0.5em",
      leftCellPadding: "0.5em 2em 0.5em 2em",
      rightCellPadding: "0.5em"

Pull Requests / Enhancements

yes, please :octocat: