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Roo is available here and on Rubyforge. You can install the official release with 'gem install roo' or refer to the installation instructions below for the latest development gem.
+NOTE: Roo 1.9 was released by Thomas and I think it was intended for Ruby 1.9 but the dependencies are not working properly so everyone gets it with a gem install Roo. I'm trying to get a hold of him to work out how to fix things.
+In the meantime, Roo 1.3.11 should be on gemcutter and works with Ruby 1.8 with no known issues. I'll continue to maintain this version in the interim.
## Installation
# Run the following if you haven't done so before:
gem sources -a
# Install the gem:
- sudo gem install hmcgowan-roo
+ sudo gem install roo -v 1.3.11
## Usage:

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