Port of arcade Space Invaders to SAM Coupé
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simonowen Updated build environment
- added 'make dist' for distribution building
- added 'make net' for Trinity launch via SAMdisk
- changed sym to map file for SimCoupe symbols
- updated master image for distribution building
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Space Invaders port to SAM Coupe (v0.5)

The Space Invaders ROMs cannot be distributed with this program, so you must
provide your own copies of the following files:

  invaders.e invaders.f invaders.g invaders.h

Copy them to the same directory as this file, then run make.bat (Windows).
Under Mac/Linux/Un*x, use make to build the final invaders.dsk disk image,
or combine manually using:

  cat disk.base invaders.[hgfe] > invaders.dsk



Version 0.5 (2009/12/10)
- Initial release


Simon Owen