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Pac-Man Emulator for SAM Coupe (v1.4)
The Pac-Man ROMs cannot be distributed with this program, so you must provide
your own copies of the following files (from the Midway ROM set):
pacman.6e pacman.6f pacman.6h pacman.6j
Copy them to the same directory as this file, then run make.bat (Windows).
Under Mac/Linux/Un*x, use make to build the final pacemu.dsk disk image,
or combine manually using:
cat disk.base pacman.6[efhj] > pacemu.dsk
Version 1.4 (2014/03/01)
- Added support for diagonal control inputs from keyboard and 8-way joysticks
Version 1.3 (2012/08/04)
- Added screen clear for compatibility with ROMs that skip RAM wipe
Version 1.2 (2012/01/18)
- Improved sprite draw/restore/clip code for extra speed
- Faster tile updates when no sprites are visible
- Added boot-time selection of Hard difficulty
- Added SAM joystick 1 and QAOP input methods
- Improved control handling, favouring latest direction change
- Skip RAM-check for faster startup
- Easier method to add ROMs to form final disk image
Version 1.1a (2004/10/09)
- Added build-time control of tile strip count, for Mayhem accelerator
Version 1.1 (2004/10/01)
- Changed code from Assembly Studio 8x to pyz80 (Comet) format
- Simplified build setup, moving a few things around
Version 1.0 (2004/01/17)
- Initial release
Simon Owen