Collects data about height of river wharfe (or anywhere really)
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River Wharfe Monitoring

I live in Wharfedale and from time to time the river floods and causes havoc all over the area. There are some good sources of current river level data but wanted to turn that into regular alerting during flood periods. I am also experimenting with the webhooks feature in IFTTT and as I'll be reusing that for some projects (like a hue motion sensor alert) I wanted to make sure I had a reusable class to trigger alerts.

To use the Site object you just need to pass it the page url from which agregates the data from a number of sources. Once you have initialised the object you can get location and height properties. Height is a string with units however you can get the float value in meters from height_float property.

To use the MakerTrigger object you must pass it a key and a trigger name, these are set via the ifttt site. You can then use the alert method with up to three optional values.