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bindisttest Rename package-conf flags to package-db.
compiler Mainly HsSyn and consequential stuff
distrib Set the value of Unregisterised in the bindist
docs Improve documentation for rank-1 types (Trac #7137)
driver Fix path to windres on Win64
ghc Give suggestions for unrecognised command line arguments
includes Define callerSaves for all platforms
libffi Specify the libdir to use when building libffi
libraries Update dependencies.
mk Use the right arch name in the Windows installer filename
rules Make .t files when running haddock
utils Start separating out the RTS and Haskell imports of MachRegs.h
.gitignore Follow upstream mtl and Cabal, add transformers package (#5958)
ANNOUNCE Remove references to Haskell 98
HACKING Admonish the user to read the wiki page!
MAKEHELP Remove html, pdf and ps from the list of targets in MAKEHELP
Makefile Fix 'make test' command for new testsuite location
aclocal.m4 Remove LD_X; it's no longer used
boot sanitise naming of package lists
config.sub Update config.guess, config.sub and from automake-1.10.2 Add "Unregisterised" as a field in the settings file We no longer need to build utf8-string
install-sh Mark scripts executable (boot, and the ones the build system chmods)
packages We no longer need to build utf8-string Add "Unregisterised" as a field in the settings file
sync-all Follow upstream mtl and Cabal, add transformers package (#5958)
tarballs Add tarball syncing to darcs-all
validate Full validates now install transformers rather than mtl


The Glasgow Haskell Compiler

This is the source tree for GHC, a compiler and interactive
environment for the Haskell functional programming language.

For more information, visit GHC's web site:

Information for developers of GHC can be found here:

Getting the Source

There are two ways to get a source tree:

  1. Download source tarballs

  Download the GHC source distribution:


  which contains GHC itself and the "boot" libraries.

  2. Check out the source code from git

  First get the GHC git repository:

    $ git clone

  Then run the sync-all script in that repository
  to get the other repositories:

     $ cd ghc
     $ ./sync-all get

  This checks out the "boot" packages.

Building & Installing

For full information on building GHC, see the GHC Building Guide [3].
Here follows a summary - if you get into trouble, the Building Guide
has all the answers.

Before building GHC you may need to install some other tools and
libraries.  See "Setting up your system for building GHC" [8].

NB. in particular you need GHC installed in order to build GHC,
because the compiler is itself written in Haskell.  For instructions
on how to port GHC to a new platform, see the Building Guide [3].

For building library documentation, you'll need Haddock [6].  To build
the compiler documentation, you need a good DocBook XML toolchain and

Quick start:  the following gives you a default build:

    $ perl boot
    $ ./configure
    $ make
    $ make install

The "perl boot" step is only necessary if this is a tree checked out
from git.  For source distributions downloaded from GHC's web site,
this step has already been performed.

These steps give you the default build, which includes everything
optimised and built in various ways (eg. profiling libs are built).
It can take a long time.  To customise the build, see the file HACKING.

Once you have a build you need to keep it going.  You need to keep all
repos in sync with the sync-all script [7].  To get the latest changes:

    $ ./sync-all pull
    $ ./sync-all get


 [1]                        GHC Home Page
 [2]                GHC Developer's Wiki
 [3]  Building Guide
 [4]                      Happy
 [5]                       Alex
 [6]                    Haddock


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