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J2ME MIDlet that uses JSR179 to get loc and pushes to FE
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Here's a very simple J2ME app that updates Fire Eagle using user-entered text 
or lat/lon from GPS-enabled phones (using JSR 179).

It won't work if your phone doesn't support JSR 179 (but it should be pretty easy to cut it down to run
on any phone)

Executables are available in /dist. You can download to PC and Bluetooth to your phone 
(you can take the JAD, though really only the JAR is needed). 
Or you can try to directly load the JAR to your phone via

Once you get it installed, you may want to set permissions so that it doesn't constantly hassle you
for permission to connect to the network or access location services.  On Nokia S60 phones
you can adjust permissions through Tools->App. mgr (select the FireEagle app and scroll around
to find Network access and Positioning)

It uses a library for doing OAuth stuff.  The JAR for that is in /lib (source code coming soon).
The javadoc for FE_OAuth.jar is not great yet -- if you're curious, a good starting place is
the javadoc for FireEagleConsumer (and the MIDlet is a pretty good example of how to use FireEagleConsumer.

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