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Releases: simonpoole/mapsplit


14 Mar 09:49
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This release adds the -x --max-ids option that uses in memory large arrays for some of the data structures and greatly increases the size of the areas that can be processed (see the README for limitations that currently still exist). Thanks to @tordanik for the implementation.

Further there have been numerous small performance improvements.


10 Mar 11:38
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This adds the -C --complete-areas option to make the old behaviour of the -c option available again.

Further this fixes an issue in the optimizing pass and one in calculating tile numbers.

Thanks to @koendc and @tordanik for the pull requests.

NOTE: this release was built with Java 11 and requires a compatible runtime to execute.


25 May 12:29
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Post process relations with forward references

- This adds multi-pass processing of forward references to relation
members that are relations. Further it only discard relations which have
no members present in the tiles.

- Update google protobuf lib as far as possible.

- Bump version to 0.2.1

Release 0.2.0

05 May 13:37
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This release fixes numerous issues with the code and adds:

  • variable maximum zoom level (up to 16)
  • adds support for MBTiles format output
  • optimizing of tile zoom levels
  • initial testing support

The included jar contains all necessary dependencies.