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Google Cloud Functions Python Runtime Demo

Demo Google Cloud Function showing use of the Python 3 runtime. Read my tutorial on Medium.


$ gcloud components update
$ gcloud components install beta
$ gcloud beta functions deploy getUserDetails --runtime python37 --trigger-http --project <projectId>

Where <projectId> is your Google Cloud project ID.


Point a browser at:



  • <region> is the Google Cloud region that you deployed to (e.g. us-central1)
  • <projectId> is your Google Cloud project ID

(the full URL that you need will be displayed in the output of the gcloud command when deploying the function).

You should see JSON representing a random user object pulled from the API that looks something like:

  "cell": "0911-857-4769", 
  "dob": {
    "age": 64, 
    "date": "1954-01-11T01:37:49Z"
  "email": "محمدامين.پارسا", 
  "gender": "male", 
  "generator": "google-cloud-function", 
  "id": {
    "name": "", 
    "value": null
  "location": {
    "city": "ایلام", 
    "coordinates": {
      "latitude": "32.1895", 
      "longitude": "-138.2377"
    "postcode": 41995, 
    "state": "کرمانشاه", 
    "street": "206 دکتر مفتح", 
    "timezone": {
      "description": "Ekaterinburg, Islamabad, Karachi, Tashkent", 
      "offset": "+5:00"
  "login": {
    "md5": "c83471713279d94cb2a33a4b03a456cd", 
    "password": "lacrosse", 
    "salt": "B9vhBXeE", 
    "sha1": "09ff43c271437499467aab431df1bc522e1574a9", 
    "sha256": "f39c50bf339b6dd973e3dfdea0ddee451fc90cc5adb7580c8f386a2c9f2ff304", 
    "username": "orangeelephant750", 
    "uuid": "bcb042d5-7f52-47c1-b883-b296268bec07"
  "name": {
    "first": "محمدامين", 
    "last": "پارسا"", 
    "title": "mr"
  "nat": "IR", 
  "phone": "014-57870431", 
  "picture": {
    "large": "", 
    "medium": "", 
    "thumbnail": ""
  "registered": {
    "age": 6, 
    "date": "2011-10-26T06:05:55Z"