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Popcorn visual radio demo (radiobimbo) The popcorn visual radio demo is a prototype showcasing complementary content alongside linear audio content with the goal of having a more entertaining non-linear listening experience. It's bimbofied radio content.

////// TO-DO //////////


  • Layouts for different types of content

  • Triggered popcorn events that can also be experience through click actions (google maps, images,etc.)

  • Triggered SVG animations

  • Color code related to type of content (ex: blue palette for music, green palette for transitions)

  • Better easing script for scroll transitions

  • Make sure all the licenses are respected

  • Mockup media box

  • Player that works across all browsers @done (mediaelement player)

  • First rough version of the visual timeline @done


  • Flip instead of scroll for ipad

  • Ipad / iphone compatibility for the fixed div

  • Player that works on mobile webkit (maybe jplayer instead of mediaelementplayer)

  • Automated visual timeline creation

  • Simplified cue points and structure

  • Browsable media box

  • Browse additionnal content in the DIV, popcorn interactions in div changes (main text)

  • Load media box previews in the mainbox, in sync with the narrator's story, to illustrate what he's saying. Media box can also be browsed through click interactions.


  • «Flipboard» style browsing of additionnal content. Where a block of content can overlap all others.

Feature list

  • Some sort of snapping feature so that when you reach the top edge of a block of content, you feel it could be snapped it the right position.
  • Trigger scroll events in div when the narration is playing.


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