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A module for applying fixes at runtime to unsupported games with Steam Proton without changing game installation files. The idea is to include separate fixes that are only loaded when a game matching that ID is run. This should keep the individual game fixes from affecting any other games. Applying the fixes at runtime should also get them to persist after game updates.

A list of current fixes, guide for writing game fixes, and details on game fix utilities can be found on the Wiki. Sources for gamefixes can be found in the protonfixes/gamefixes directory.


Optional Requirements


If you want to be able to use fixes with winetricks it must be installed and be in your $PATH. Fixes that do not use winetricks will still work without winetricks being installed.

Winetricks can take a long time to run


If you want to use a win32 (32bit) prefix, you need to have wine installed and be in your $PATH. Currently creating a 32bit prefix with Proton wine doesn't work because the wineserver is already running by the time is loaded.

Progress Dialog / Splashscreen

If Steam is in big picture mode, protonfixes will try to launch a similarly themed splash dialog using kivy (pictured above). zenity or kdialog can also be used but need to be enabled manually via config. If Steam is not in big picture mode, it will try kdialog, then zenity.
The progress bar or splashscreen can help let you know that protonfixes is running a long task, for example installing dotnet35.

For the progress dialog to work, you need to have zenity or kdialog installed on your system, the steam-runtime version of zenity is broken.
It can probably be installed using your distro's package manager.

For the big screen splashscreen to work, you need to have kivy installed. It can be installed via your distro's package manager (python3-kivy on debian-based distros and python-kivy on Arch-based ones)

Install With PIP

Make sure to use the version of pip that matches the version of Python that Proton is running. Proton should be running on python3. Use pip to install from the GitHub repository, the PyPI package is not being maintained at the moment.

If pip3 is not installed, it can be installed with your distribution's package manager: the package is python3-pip on Ubuntu/Debian-based distributions, python-pip in many others.

To install the latest version from Github:

#  pip3 install git+

Upgrade from PIP

To upgrade to the latest version on Github:

# pip3 install --upgrade git+

Install using setuptools

# python3 install

Enabling protonfixes in Proton

Protonfixes includes a script install_protonfixes that, when run, will automatically install protonfixes in all Proton installations.
A manual installation is possible by browsing <Steam installation>/steamapps/common/Proton* and adding this line to

import protonfixes

If there is no file, make a copy of the file included with Proton.


Pull requests are welcome! If you're not comfortable doing pull requests, send your fixes to me by any other means and you will be credited in the comments.