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Word for Windows plugin for Mendeley
Visual Basic
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The Mendeley Word for Windows Plugin

This is the Mendeley Word for Windows plugin code, extracted from the template that they ship with Word as of version 1.5.1 and distributed under the terms of the Educational Community License. It is based on the Visual Basic code I wrote 5 years ago for Zotero.

In 2009, I rewrote the Zotero Word for Windows plugin in C++. That code is cleaner, more versatile, and not written in Visual Basic, and is probably a better starting point for any free (as in AGPL) reference mangement software looking to implement integration with Word. However, I provide this code because it's partly mine and it wants to be free. Mendeley has already used my code in a proprietary product, so I think anyone should be able to.

Do not ask me for support or assistance. I will never touch this code again. If you are having trouble with the Mendeley Word plugin, my advice is to switch to Zotero, but I'm biased :)

This distribution includes the following modules and class modules from Mendeley-1.5.1.dotm:

  • Mendeley
  • MendeleyLib
  • ZoteroLib
  • EventClassModule

It does not contain the following modules, which lack an ECL copyright notice and, in the absence of further information from Mendeley Ltd., are assumed to be closed source.

  • MendeleyDataTypes
  • MendeleyRibbon
  • MendeleyUnitTests
  • StyleListModel

Compatible versions of some of these files may be available in Mendeley's openoffice-plugin repository.

Copyright (c) 2009-2012 Mendeley Ltd.

Copyright (c) 2006 Center for History and New Media, George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia, USA

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