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quadromania v0.5

(c) 2002/2003/2009/2010 by Matthias Arndt <>
a game by ASM Software (

The GNU General Public License applies. See the file COPYING for details
or visit for more information.


Quadromania is a board game. A board of coloured tiles is mixed up by
the computer and the player's task is to restore the original board.

Supported target platforms

Currently quadromania is known to run on the following target platforms:

	* Linux/Windows 32 with libSDL
	* GP2X Wiz
	* Dingoo A320 with dingux Linux system
	* Atari MinT (compilable and running but too slow to be playable)


For installation notes, see the file INSTALL or the port specific

Key mapping

Use Numpad + and - to alter the volume of audio effects and effects.

Use ESC to abort a game or quit the application.

The Rules

The player's task is to restore all stones on the game board to red.
Game difficulty is controlled by selecting the amount of colours to
be used on the game board and a game level. The level is indicated
by the amount of initial rotations.

The computer will rotate at game start a named amount of 3x3 tile
sets and will flip their colours in the selected range. A red
tile becomes green and so on. The last possible colour will turn
red again.

In game click on the center point of a 3x3 tile set to exchange the
tiles back in the given order. 

Restore the board with a limited amount of turns.

You loose the game if you need more turns than the computer at start.
If you need less turns than the computer you score for the difference.

The score is larger if fewer turns are needed so try clearing the
board with the fewest number of turns.

If your score is good enough, it will be listed in the highscore table
with the current timestamp.

Highscores are saved to disk and loaded again at next start of the game.

Contact information

Matthias Arndt <>


Quadromania is a board game. A board of coloured tiles is mixed up by the computer and the player’s task is to restore the original board.







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