A small but annoying twitter bot, which replies to tweets.
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A small, annoying twitter bot


The bot searches twitter for a certain search term. He replies to each of the resulting tweets with a specified reply. That's all.


  1. Clone this repository onto your machine
  2. mv config.yaml.example config.yaml
  3. Create a new twitter user. This user will be your bot.
  4. Register a new app for your bot-user. Grant it read and write access and create the request keys for this user.
  5. Edit config.yaml, paste the four OAuth-Keys in the oauth section.
  6. Edit the searchterm and the reply. You don't need to worry about since_id, it is used by the bot to avoid double replies to a tweet.
  7. Install the twitter gem. gem install twitter
  8. Test the Script. Make sure, there are tweets the bot can reply to (search for the searchterm in your desktop twitter app).
  9. chmod +x replybot.rb and then ./replybot.rb. If the prompt returns after a while without any output, the bot was successful.
  10. Check the bot's timeline, if all tweets are displayed correctly.
  11. Create a cronjob every 15 minutes. This ensures that nearly all tweets are scanned and does not overload the API limit.

Have fun.