A server which tells you whether something is abuse or not using bayesian filtering
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Abuse Bayes Server

The Abuse Bayes server is a simple express app that classifies strings sent to it.

It needs redis and node to run.

Getting Started

To get started, clone the source:

git clone git@github.com:simonv3/abuse-bayes-server.git

Move to the newly created directory:

cd abuse-bayes-server

Install the necessary packages

npm install

And then run the server:

node app.js

You can access the api in your browser at localhost:3000/api/v1/classify/, which will tell you to POST to a string to it to get a result. Use a plug in like REST Easy to test with a POST request.

Training Your Server

You need an abuse text corpus and a normal text corpus. Then

node trainer/trainer.js <ABUSE.TXT> <NORMAL.TXT>

This will use the redis backend to train your server.

Installing Redis

If you're on a mac - use homebrew! brew install redis. Else, I don't know!

It will give you instructions on how to get it running on launch.


  • Make classify accept multiple text strings to limit amount of queries
  • Create a train endpoint
  • Make a "not sure" page
  • Split up app into not just one page cause common
  • We'll probably need to rate limit.