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Datasette plugin that adds a .atom output format
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Datasette plugin that adds support for generating Atom feeds with the results of a SQL query.


Install this plugin in the same environment as Datasette to enable the .atom output extension.

$ pip install datasette-atom


To create an Atom feed you need to define a custom SQL query that returns a required set of columns:

  • atom_id - a unique ID for each row. This article has suggestions about ways to create these IDs.
  • atom_title - a title for that row.
  • atom_updated - an RFC 3339 timestamp representing the last time the entry was modified in a significant way. This can usually be the time that the row was created.

The following columns are optional:

  • atom_content - content that should be shown in the feed. This will be treated as a regular string, so any embedded HTML tags will be escaped when they are displayed.
  • atom_content_html - content that should be shown in the feed. This will be treated as an HTML string, and will be sanitized using Bleach to ensure it does not have any malicious code in it before being returned as part of a <content type="html"> Atom element. If both are provided, this will be used in place of atom_content.
  • atom_link - a URL that should be used as the link that the feed entry points to.

A query that returns these columns can then be returned as an Atom feed by adding the .atom extension.


Here is an example SQL query which generates an Atom feed for new entries on

  ',' || substr(created, 0, 11) || ':' || id as atom_id,
  name as atom_title,
  created as atom_updated,
  '' || id as atom_link,
    '<img src="' || photo_url || '?w=800&amp;h=400&amp;fit=crop&amp;auto=compress">',
  ) || '<p>' || description || '</p>' as atom_content_html
order by
  created desc

You can try this query by pasting it in here - then click the .atom link to see it as an Atom feed.

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