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Datasette plugin for rendering timestamps
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Datasette plugin for rendering timestamps.


Install this plugin in the same environment as Datasette to enable this new functionality:

pip install datasette-render-timestamps

The plugin will then look out for integer numbers that are likely to be timestamps (defaults to anything that would be a number of seconds from 5 years ago to 5 years in the future - this will be configurable eventually).

These will then be rendered in a more readable format.


The default format is %B %d, %Y - %H:%M:%S UTC which renders for example: October 10, 2019 - 07:18:29 UTC. If you want another format, the date format can be customized using a plugin configuration in a metadata.json file. Any format string supported by strftime may be used. For example:

    "title": "Regular metadata keys can go here too",
    "plugins": {
        "datasette-render-timestamps": {
            "format": "%Y-%m-%d-%H:%M:%S"

Run datasette with the -m flag to load the metadata config:

datasette serve mydata.db -m metadata.json
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