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Datasette plugin for searching all searchable tables at once
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Datasette plugin for searching all searchable tables at once.


Install the plugin in the same Python environment as Datasette:

pip install datasette-search-all


See datasette-search-all: a new plugin for searching multiple Datasette tables at once for background on this project. You can try the plugin out at


This plugin only works if at least one of the tables connected to your Datasette instance has been configured for SQLite's full-text search.

The Datasette search documentation includes details on how to enable full-text search for a table.

You can also use the following tools:

  • sqlite-utils includes a command-line tool for enabling full-text search.
  • datasette-enable-fts is a Datasette plugin that adds a web interface for enabling search for specific columns.

If the plugin detects at least one searchable table it will add a search form to the homepage.

You can also navigate to /-/search on your Datasette instance to use the search interface directly.


Animated screenshot showing the plugin in action

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