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A fantastic new tool created by @achavez at the Dallas Morning News.
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`markdown-to-sqlite <>`__ reads Markdown files with embedded YAML metadata (e.g. for `Jekyll Front Matter <>`__) and creates a SQLite table with a schema matching the metadata. This is useful if you want to keep structured data in text form in a GitHub repository and use that to build a SQLite database.


`socrata2sql <>`__ is a tool by Andrew Chavez at the Dallas Morning News. It works with Socrata, a widely used platform for local and national government open data portals. It uses the Socrata API to pull down government datasets and store them in a local SQLite database (it can also export data to PostgreSQL, MySQL and other SQLAlchemy-supported databases).

For example, to create a SQLite database of the `City of Dallas Payment Register <>`__ you would run the following command::

$ socrata2sql insert 64pp-jeba

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