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Datasette 0.32 and datasette-template-sql in news

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## News

* 14th November 2019: [Datasette 0.32]( now uses asynchronous rendering in Jinja templates, which means template functions can perform asynchronous operations such as executing SQL queries. [datasette-template-sql]( is a new plugin uses this capability to add a new custom `sql(sql_query)` template function.
* 11th November 2019: [Datasette 0.31]( - the first version of Datasette to support Python 3.8, which means dropping support for Python 3.5.
* 18th October 2019: [Datasette 0.30](
* 13th July 2019: [Single sign-on against GitHub using ASGI middleware]( talks about the implementation of [datasette-auth-github]( in more detail.

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