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Removed _group_count=col feature, closes #504

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simonw committed Nov 6, 2019
1 parent 931bfc6 commit c30f07c58e410ee296b28aeabe4dc461dd40b435
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  2. +0 −9 docs/json_api.rst
@@ -499,18 +499,6 @@ class TableView(RowTableShared):
if order_by:
order_by = "order by {} ".format(order_by)

# _group_count=col1&_group_count=col2
group_count = special_args_lists.get("_group_count") or []
if group_count:
sql = 'select {group_cols}, count(*) as "count" from {table_name} {where} group by {group_cols} order by "count" desc limit 100'.format(
group_cols=", ".join(
'"{}"'.format(group_count_col) for group_count_col in group_count
return await self.custom_sql(request, database, hash, sql, editable=True)

extra_args = {}
# Handle ?_size=500
page_size = _size or request.raw_args.get("_size")
@@ -321,15 +321,6 @@ Special table arguments

Here's `an example <{%22table%22:%22roadside_attraction_characteristics%22,%22column%22:%22characteristic_id%22,%22value%22:%221%22}>`__.

Executes a SQL query that returns a count of the number of rows matching
each unique value in that column, with the most common ordered first.

You can pass multiple ``_group_count`` columns to return counts against
unique combinations of those columns.

Pagination by continuation token - pass the token that was returned in the
``"next"`` property by the previous page.

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