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Global Power Plants Database

Data from

Deployed automatically when the underlying data changes by

UK Register of Members Interests - background here: source code here:

Wireless Telegraphy Register

A browsable interface to the UK's register of business radio licenses, built by @russss. Demonstrates the new units mechanism added in Datasette 0.18, e.g.

San Francisco Open Data - datasets derived from has various tutorials relating to this data.

VICE News Police Shootings

Notes on how this was created:

Himalayan Database

This is not yet hosted publicly, but Raffaele Messuti‏ provides step-by-step instructions in From Visual FoxPro GUI to JSON API with Datasette for converting to SQLite for exploration with Datasette.

Lahman’s Baseball Database - published by Ted Lawless:

NHS Hospitals from built by @tomdyson

FiveThirtyEight - data derived from

ParlGov - worldwide political data from

Google Trends - data published by from

Polar Bears - USGS Alaska Science Center data from - here’s how it was built:

Australian Open Data - public toilets in Australia, from - a number of different dog registration databases, pulled from

Here's an example query showing the most common names of Chihuahuas registered in Australia

New York Cultural Institutions - libraries and museums from

US Census Gazetteer

All of the TSV data from in Datasette:

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