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This repository tracks outages reported on the PG&E outages map over time, using Git scraping.

This repository started tracking outages on 4th February 2024. The implementation of the scraper can be found in .github/workflows/fetch.yml - it uses a combination of curl and jq.

The most recently tracked outages are in outages.json. The commit history of that file shows outages recorded over time.

A previous version of this repository ran from from 2019 to 2022. That data can now be found in simonw/pge-outages-pre-2024

Incomplete data warning

This repository only archives outages that are reported for a single location.

The outage map also includes polygon data, which is much more interesting... but has not proven practical to archive here, for reasons explained in this issue comment. Short version: I'd have to constantly archive 100MB of data per snapshot because the polygons are so large!

Browsing the latest data in Datasette Lite

Use this URL to open the latest outages.json in Datasette Lite:

It will look something like this:

Screenshot of Datasette Lite, faceting 674 outages by city, cause, crew current status and outage extent


Tracking PG&E power outages






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