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An S3 proxy for Skitch's WebDAV sharing support

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S3itch - Sharing Skitch uploads on S3

As Skitch will soon shut down their own hosting and switch to Evernote, the only reasonable thing to do is to use WebDAV instead and put files on S3.


The app assumes you're storing files in a bucket that has a CNAME attached to it, e.g., and that you're setting this CNAME as base URL in Skitch. Skitch sends a HEAD request to the base URL (your S3 bucket) after uploading to check if the file was properly stored.

It's made for deployment on Heroku:

  • git clone git://

  • heroku create --stack cedar

  • git push heroku master

  • Set environment variables AWS_REGION (e.g. eu-west-1), AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID, AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY, S3_BUCKET, HTTP_USER and HTTP_PASS for the Heroku app

  • Configure Skitch with the bucket and the URL of the Heroku app. Also configure the username and password if set.: Skitch Configuration

    By the way, this picture was uploaded using this bridge and is hosted on S3. Did that just blow your mind?


Take screenshot, annotate whimsically, upload, done.

Skitch generates a new name for every upload that includes the timestamp and has the full URL to the file ready for you to copy to the clipboard. Unfortunately the WebDAV export doesn't copy that automatically, but after sharing, the "Share" button turns into a "Copy" button.



An S3 proxy for Skitch's WebDAV sharing support






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