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@simonw simonw released this Dec 30, 2019 · 4 commits to master since this release

This release changes the behaviour of upsert. It’s a breaking change, hence 2.0.

The upsert command-line utility and the .upsert() and .upsert_all() Python API methods have had their behaviour altered. They used to completely replace the affected records: now, they update the specified values on existing records but leave other columns unaffected.

See Upserting data using the Python API and Upserting data using the CLI for full details.

If you want the old behaviour - where records were completely replaced - you can use $ sqlite-utils insert ... --replace on the command-line and .insert(..., replace=True) and .insert_all(..., replace=True) in the Python API. See Insert-replacing data using the Python API and Insert-replacing data using the CLI for more.

For full background on this change, see issue #66.

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