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A browser extension to help manage App IDs in Apple's Provisioning Portal

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App ID Sanity

App IDs are "the herpes of iPhone provisioning". Once you've created one, you're stuck with it for life. You can't edit it or delete it. By the time I realised this, I had way more than I needed.

App ID Sanity is the cure! It's a simple browser extension that adds the ability to:

  • Rename an App ID
  • Mark an App ID as inactive (hides it from the App ID drop-down when creating a provisioning profile)

App ID Sanity works in Safari and Google Chrome.


Install Now

(Downloads the compiled extension from Amazon S3)

Google Chrome

Install from the Chrome Web Store.

Release notes


  • Inactive App IDs now show minimal information in the App IDs view



  • Added active/incative indicator to App IDs view


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