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Fork me on GitHub CSS ribbon

This is a recreation of the Fork me on GitHub ribbon in CSS, hence resolution-independent.

Using with Bower

You can install the CSS files using Bower.

bower install github-fork-ribbon-css

Using with npm

You can also install the CSS files using npm.

npm install --save github-fork-ribbon-css

Using "Fork me on GitHub" CSS ribbon with a CDN

You can use github-fork-ribbon-css without installation via

Copy the following code into the <head> of your page:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="" />

And this into the <body> of your page:

<a class="github-fork-ribbon" href="" data-ribbon="Fork me on GitHub" title="Fork me on GitHub">Fork me on GitHub</a>


Set the background colour using the ::before selector. For example:

<style>.github-fork-ribbon:before { background-color: #333; }</style>

See 'em in action!

Feel free to fork, tweak and send me a pull request.

Note: this project is not sponsored or in any way endorsed by GitHub.