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New blog post on scp tab completion in zsh

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+title: "'Zsh – one more thing...'"
+date: 2012-05-25 13:33
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+categories: [zsh, shell]
+Following on from my recent post on [ten great zsh tips](/2012/05/22/ten-great-zsh-tips/), here's an eleventh: you can tab-complete *remote paths* when using scp. How cool is that? Commands like scp will also tab-complete hostnames at the appropriate juncture, so you might issue a typical scp command something like this:
+ $ scp s[TAB]
+ sample.mp3 some_file.txt
+ $ scp sample.mp3 [TAB]
+ $ scp sample.mp3[TAB]
+ Desktop/ Downloads/ Library/
+ $ scp sample.mp3[RETURN]
+If you're on a high-latency network connection then obviously completing remote paths will be a bit laggy, but it remains in my mind a pretty cool tip.
+Also, if you're not using it already you should check out [oh-my-zsh]( without delay. It's like giving your zsh a steroid shot. Seriously, just install it now.

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