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A small wrapper for OpenCanary to assist deployment on Raspberry Pi devices
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OpenCanary Installation and Configuration Wrapper

OpenCanary is a configurable open-source honeypot solution provided by Thinkst. This wrapper script helps install and configure your OpenCanary appliance using sane defaults, including:

  • Setting the device's hostname
  • Updating the OS
  • Configuring unattended upgrades for OS and application patches
  • Installing dependencies
  • Installing and configuring the canary
  • Creating a systemd unit file to launch OpenCanary as a service


  • Ubuntu or Debian based Linux distribution with Systemd
  • Network connection

Installation Instructions

For more detailed installation instructions, see my post.

  1. Copy or download the '' to your home directory
  2. Modify the permissions of the file to allow execution using sudo chmod +x
  3. Run the installer using sudo ./
  4. After the script automatically triggers a reboot, your device should be operating as a Canary


  1. Confirm the Canary service is running by entering systemctl status opencanary. You should see a returned value that includes Active: active (running)
  2. Ensure your configuration file at ~/opencanary.conf is valid
  3. Look for error messages at /var/tmp/opencanary.log
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