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Customizing OpenWebRX for your station

András Retzler edited this page Oct 18, 2015 · 8 revisions

You can do several things to apply a unique look and feel to your receiver.

Top photo

The original idea behind the top photo was to show a panorama from the receiver site.

You can replace the image in htdocs/gfx/openwebrx-top-photo.jpg with your own 2048×615 JPEG file.

It looks like this by default:

I imagined that a HD webcam could be placed at the receiver site, and the user would see how the landscape looks at the given moment. If someone wants to implement that, just has to replace the URL to the image in htdocs/index.wrx.


The avatar is shown both at the top bar and at next to the name of the receiver (if it is listed).

You should replace it with your own logo of 256×256 sized PNG.

This is how the stock avatar looks like:

"Web GUI configuration" settings in

They are quite self explanatory. Do not forget to remove the first line from photo_desc: You can add your own background photo and receiver information.<br />

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