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Simple Face Detection

This is a simple face detection example of using machine learning algorithms to search faces within a picture. It originates from Shantnu Tiwari's tutorial -- Face Recognition with Python, in Under 25 Lines of Code and Face Detection in Python Using a Webcam. It uses OpenCV cascade to break the problem of detecting faces into multiple stages. The algorithm starts at the top left of a picture and moves down across small blocks of data. During the moves, a series of coarse-to-fine quick tests are carried out on each block. And it will only detect a face if all stages pass.

See the github repository for examples of its usage:


  • To install and demostrate the algorithm:

    $ pip3 install mlhub
    $ ml install   facedetect
    $ ml configure facedetect
    $ ml demo      facedetect


To detect faces:

  • From a local image file:

    $ ml score facedetect ~/.mlhub/facedetect/images/abba.png
  • From an image on the web:

    $ ml score facedetect
  • From your camera:

    $ ml live facedetect

Sometimes the algorithm will fail to detect real faces, then you need to fine-tune the parameters to get the ideal results:

$ ml score facedetect
$ ml score facedetect --scaleFactor 1.3
$ ml live facedetect --scaleFactor 1.3 --minSize 7 --minNeighbors 40
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