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Simple Face Recognition

This is a simple face recognition example of using deep learning to recognise faces within a picture. It originates from Adrian Rosebrock's article -- Face recognition with OpenCV, Python, and deep learning.

See the GitHub repository for examples of its usage:


  • To install and demonstrate the algorithm:

    $ pip3 install mlhub
    $ ml install   facematch
    $ ml configure facematch
    $ ml demo      facematch
  • To recognise an arbitrary person who can be found in the Internet, you can just type:

    $ ml score facematch

    It will use Microsoft Bing image search API to search a person's photo you want to recognise. In order to use the API, you must have a subcription key. A 7-days free account can be created at

  • To match you in camera:

    $ ml score facematch --capture --camera

    It will open your camera to capture 5 photos of you to generate your face database, then recognise you in a live camera video.

  • You can also provide the path or URL of a person's photos via option --data, and let facematch to recognise him/her in a photo via the option --match:

    $ ml score facematch --data <photo-of-the-person> --match <photo-for-recognition>

    or video via the option --video:

    $ ml score facematch --data <photo-of-the-person> --video <video-for-recognition>

More details

About collecting photos

The photos used for recognition here are collected by using Bing image search API. The code for collecting photos is adapted from How to (quickly) build a deep learning image dataset.

In the interactive mode of ml score facematch, a subscription key of Bing image search API is required. You can get 7-days free account together with a subscription key at Try Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services.

More details about how to use Bing image search API can be found at


Simple face recognition




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