A free software aducational application for trainisn elementary Schools kids in arithmetic praxis
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GUMA a Free Software Educational Program for elementary school kids. Version 1.0

What is GUMA?
Guma is a ree Software Educational Program for elementary school kids, that helps thet to practice in arithmetic praxis
of multiplication,adding and substraction

So how does help them?
Is helps them by challenging them to solve random arithmetic praxis with random numbers. 
Also you can selext the number of the random of arithmetic praxis that you want to slove, the maximum value of a number 
that you want to participate in arithmetic praxis, and the type of arithmetic praxis that you want to practice.

How can I excecute GUMA?
a)Just go to the path where run.sh and guma.jar is located together with guma-1.0.jar.

In UNIX like systems (eg Linux FreeBSD) you can do it with teminal command cd.

b)If not (located together) bring them together under the same folder.

c)Then run the script run.sh for linux (maybe and other Unix like systems) or run.bat for windows.

Both Source code and binaries are inside the guma-1.0.jar file in the folder guma.
Sourcecode have .java ending and binaries are these that do not have it.