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Table of Contents

This is a SIMP module

This module is a component of the System Integrity Management Platform, a compliance-management framework built on Puppet.

If you find any issues, they can be submitted to our JIRA.

This module is optimally designed for use within a larger SIMP ecosystem, but it can be used independently:

  • When included within the SIMP ecosystem, security compliance settings will be managed from the Puppet server.
  • In the future, all SIMP-managed security subsystems will be disabled by default and must be explicitly opted into by administrators. Please review simp/simp_options for details.

Module Description

This module sets up openscap and allows you to schedule and log openscap runs.


What simp openscap affects

simp/openscap will manage:

  • openscap-utils and scap-security-guide packages

simp/openscap::schedule will manage:

  • A cron job for openscap runs
  • A logging directory for openscap (Default: /var/log/openscap)

Setup Requirements

The module can support logrotate if simp/logrotate is used. Otherwise, no additional setup is required.

Beginning with openscap

You can install openscap by:

include 'openscap'


I want to install openscap with default logging

The following will run a cron job on Monday at 1:30 AM and log to /var/log/openscap:

class { 'openscap':
  enable_schedule => true,


include 'openscap::schedule'

I have a particular SCAP profile I want to use

class { 'openscap::schedule':
  scap_profile => 'xccdf_org.ssgproject.content_profile_stig-rhel7-server-upstream',

I want to log daily at a set time

class { 'openscap::schedule':
  minute  => 00,
  hour    => 22,
  weekday => '*',

I want to log on the first and fifteenth day of the month

class { 'openscap::schedule':
  monthday => '1,15',

I want to log to a different directory

class { 'openscap::schedule':
  logdir => '/opt/scaplogs',


Please see the


This module is designed to work in RHEL-compatible environments.


Please read our Contribution Guide.