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The SIMP sysctl Puppet Module
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jeannegreulich and Nick Markowski (SIMP-2086) Major version bumb pupmod-simp-sysctl (#14)
* (SIMP-2086) Major version bumb pupmod-simp-sysctl

  major version bump for SIMP 6

(SIMP-2086) #comment
(SIMP-2119) #close

* (SIMP-2086) Better linting

SIMP-2086 #comment better linting
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lib/puppet (SIMP-1868) Remove `compliance_markup` Nov 21, 2016
manifests (SIMP-2086) Major version bumb pupmod-simp-sysctl (#14) Nov 25, 2016
.gitignore (SIMP-1868) Remove `compliance_markup` Nov 21, 2016
CHANGELOG (SIMP-2086) Major version bumb pupmod-simp-sysctl (#14) Nov 25, 2016
LICENSE (SIMP-894) Convert to using augeasproviders_sysctl Mar 16, 2016
metadata.json (SIMP-2086) Major version bumb pupmod-simp-sysctl (#14) Nov 25, 2016

License Build Status SIMP compatibility

This is a SIMP module

This module is a component of the System Integrity Management Platform, a compliance-management framework built on Puppet.

If you find any issues, they can be submitted to our JIRA.

Please read our Contribution Guide and visit our developer wiki.


This module will be removed in the next Major release of SIMP and no longer supported.

Please migrate to the augeasproviders_sysctl module as it now provides all necessary functionality.

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