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Welcome to our Wiki, a place for comprehensive documentation on all the SimPHY tools and features. This wiki is community driven, and can be edited by anyone. If you find information out of date or want to add some more in-depth explanations, you are very welcome to do the necessary changes.

Getting Started With SimPHY

SimPHY is top of the line physics simulation software. It is easy to use and can make learning a fun and engaging activity.

  1. Introduction to SimPHY
  2. Working Environment
  3. Navigation Panel and buttons
  4. Opening Mechanics Module
  5. Creating bodies: Basic
  6. Creating Joints: Basic
  7. Creating Miscellaneous Joints
  8. Creating Miscellaneous Bodies
  9. Body Properties and Grid Functioning
  10. Opening Object property editor
  11. Creating First simulation
  12. Editing world UI

Basic Visualization Tools

These tools help us understand the nature of interactions and results of any simulation.

  1. Free Body Diagram
  2. Tracer and Ghosting
  3. Camera and Graph tool

Making Simulations interactive

To make simulations interactive Simphy is gui enabled and we can use sliders, checkbox, property controllers to play with simulation.

  1. Adding sliders and Checkboxes
  2. Using sliders
  3. Body property and toggle controller

Adding Forces and Fields

Sometimes built in tools are not enough to simulate motion, for example to simulate harmonic oscillator with damping or to simulate forces oscillation, where we need external sinusoidal variable force. This can be achieved by applying a variable force on the body.

  1. How to apply Force
  2. Point of Application of force
  3. Apply torque and Remove force or torque
  4. Syntax for force or torque
  5. Field Forces

Circuit Module

You can add wires, resistors, AC DC batteries, Switches, different instruments to measure current electricity variables like Ammeter, Voltmeter, Potentiometer, Bulbs, Capacitor, Inductors, Diodes, Transformers, Logic Gates and introduce variability in their values using sliders to make them interactive, to simulate all kinds of Circuit Diagrams in SimPHY's Circuit Module.

  1. Introduction and Overview
  2. Creating and Editing elements
  3. Using switches
  4. Measuring and assigning values
  5. Potentiometer and Bulbs
  6. Measuring Alternating current
  7. Logic Gates

Optics Module

You can add ideal Plane, Concave and Convex mirrors and lens and real devices, Prism, ray, beam etc and edit their properties, add slider to interact with them, to simulate Optical problems, get real and virtual images, make microscope and telescope in Optics Module.

  1. How to open optics simulation tool in SimPHY
  2. Adding Optical sources
  3. Adding Ideal Optical Devices
  4. How to show Images
  5. Creating arbitrary surface
  6. Creating an Interactive Optics simulation:A telescope

Geometry Module

You can add points, draw lines, circle, different types of conics, explicit functions, curves, view and edit their properties, add slider to interact with them, measure distances, angles, draw locus and many other things in this module.

  1. How to open Geometry tool
  2. Constructing Points
  3. Constructing Lines and segments
  4. Constructing Vectors
  5. Constructing Circles
  6. Constructing Conics
  7. Properties of conics
  8. Measuring Tool
  9. Functions and curves