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Twitterbot that runs on Node.js. Creates tweets from Flickr photos, follows/unfollows, and more. Can also be used to generate posts for Instagram. Read more about how I used this to go from 0 to 300 followers!


You will need a Twitter developer app and the access tokens for a user authenticated with your app.

  1. Create your own config.js using config.sample.js as an example.
  2. Start it like a normal node app:
npm install
npm start


  • create tweet queue file if it does not exist
  • incorporate methods from flickr-faves-from-gallery
  • convert flickr.js to async/await
  • convert bot.js to async/await
  • do better string comparison to avoid duplicate tweets
  • implement retweet action
  • add option to post queue to external source (like Google sheets)