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fix unhandled exception if no CDDB entries are found

Update the cddb API to return an empty list when no matches are found,
rather than raising a NoMatchesError.  NoMatchesError is still raised if
query() returns result IDs, but one or more of the IDs cannot be found
when read() is called.
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1 parent 6b9f1cd commit d01142e0dd41daf0a04d211c2e13dd290895db12 @simpkins committed
Showing with 1 addition and 1 deletion.
  1. +1 −1  src/amass/cddb/
2  src/amass/cddb/
@@ -106,7 +106,7 @@ def query(self, toc):
matches = self.readUntilDot()
elif code == 211 or code == 202:
# No match found
- raise err.NoMatchesError(disc_id)
+ return []
raise err.ProtocolError('server %s:%s responded with unexpected '
'query response code %d: %r' %

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