Auto-discovery of compiled libraries for OpenSSL, PCRE and Zlib when used in Nginx
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Nginx Auto Lib Module


This module searches for compiled versions of OpenSSL (including MD5 and SHA1),
PCRE and Zlib so that if they are required for an Nginx compilation and compiled 
versions are available, then the pre-compiled versions are used rather than 
re-compiling new ones each time Nginx is built.

It also has a highly flexible and extensible system for searching for libraries,
which can include both source and installation directories. This can make the
overall process of including external libraries in Nginx compilations easier,
especially when custom compilations of libraries are used.


The module can be added like any other, but it MUST BE THE LAST ADDON MODULE, 
since it checks values set by other modules to determine whether or not libraries
are required.

[set variables if desired]
./configure [other config options] --add-module=/path/to/ngx_auto_lib

Setting variables to control where libraries are found

Auto Lib has a more flexible configuration system for determining where libraries
are found than the core Nginx distribution. See README_AUTO_LIB under the user 
section for more details.

In that file :


Notes for module developers

The majority of the work done by this module is in the ngx_auto_lib_core file,
which is a generic library handler for Nginx modules. Any module developers that
require external libraries for their modules are encouraged to include this file
in their module's config file rather than defining their own config files from
scratch. Even if you have already written config files that include searches for
libraries, you are encouraged to include this file to replace your existing 
implementation because it will likely provide more flexibility to the end user
and may be more robust.

See the developers section of the README_AUTO_LIB for more details.

Known issues

- does not work correctly with paths that include spaces
- incomplete documentation

To do

- check that reordering of mail modules in OpenSSL config file does not cause problems




    2010 (c) Marcus Clyne