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Ember CLI Adon for the Ember Simple Auth library
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Ember Simple Auth

This repository is deprecated. Ember Simple Auth 1.0 is distributed as an Ember CLI Addon that contains all of the previously individual parts of the library.

This is an npm package that contains the Ember Simple Auth base library packaged as an Ember CLI Addon.


Ember Simple Auth requires at least Ember CLI 0.0.44.

To install simply run

ember install ember-cli-simple-auth

in your Ember CLI project's root.

If you're using Ember CLI 0.2.2 or older, run

ember install:addon ember-cli-simple-auth

If you're using Ember CLI 0.1.4 or older, run

npm install --save-dev ember-cli-simple-auth
ember generate ember-cli-simple-auth


Ember Simple Auth uses the Ember CLI project's configuration as defined in config/environment.js. Configure values for ENV['simple-auth'], e.g.:

ENV['simple-auth'] = {
  serverTokenRevocationEndpoint: '/revoke'

For the actual Ember Simple Auth repository see


This addon comes with some generators that help with creating custom authenticators, authorizers, session stores or sessions:

ember generate authenticator custom
ember generate authorizer custom
ember generate session-store custom
ember generate session custom