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  • Ember Simple Auth now supports FastBoot out-of-the-box (when using the cookie session store), see #1035.
  • Ember CLI's new rootURL setting is now used correctly, see #1070.
  • The cookie session store will now rewrite its cookies when any of its configurable properties (like cookie name) change, see #1056.
  • The DataAdapterMixin now also overrides the headersForRequest method which makes it behave correctly with Ember Data 1.7 and above, see #1033.
  • Configurable routes like the login route etc. are now configured via overriding properties of the respective route mixins instead of settings in config/environment.js, see #985.
  • The OAuth 2.0 Passwort Grant authenticator now allows to define custom headers to be sent with authentication requests, see #1018.
  • Authenticators can now reject with the server response when requests fail, see #1012.
  • Server responses are now validated before authenticators resolve authentication, see #957.
  • The offset that the OAuth 2.0 Password Grant authenticator uses when refreshing access tokens is now defined in an (overridable) property, see #840.
  • The default cookie names that the cookie session store uses are now compliant with RFC 2616, see #978.