Latest commit 7935e2a Dec 21, 2016 @srvance srvance committed with marcoow ESA and torii GitHub guide (#1142)
* Initial guide structure, introduction through configuration and useful links.

* Move image to an `assets` directory under guides.

* Update for dotenv usage.

* Set up the basic application.

* Add obtaining the authorization code and logging out.

* Reduce the image size.

* Finish the first draft.

* Address PR feedback.

* Switch to using an http-mock for the token exchange service in development.

* Remove straggling AWS Lambda mention.
Add link to IETF RFC for authorization code grant flow.

* More PR feedback.

* Simplify the authorizer using the stock `oauth2-bearer` authorizer.

* Move the mock service settings to the `.env` file and give additional suggestions on production configuration.