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Enabling better element selectors in Ember.js tests
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Enabling better element selectors in Ember.js tests


  • Removes attributes starting with data-test- from HTML tags and component/helper invocations in your templates for production builds

  • Removes properties starting with data-test- from your JS objects like component classes for production builds

  • Automatically binds properties starting with data-test- on all components for development/testing builds

More information on why that is useful are available on our blog!



  • Ember 2.16 or above
  • Ember CLI 2.14 or above
  • Node.js 8 or above


ember install ember-test-selectors


In your templates you are now able to use data-test-* attributes, which are automatically removed from production builds:

  <h1 data-test-post-title data-test-resource-id={{}}>{{post.title}}</h1>
  <button data-test-like-button>Like</button>

Once you've done that you can use attribute selectors to look up and interact with those elements:

assert.dom('[data-test-post-title]').hasText('Ember is great!');

await click('[data-test-like-button]');

Usage with Components

You can use the same syntax also for component invocations:

<Spinner @color="blue" data-test-spinner>

Inside the Spinner component template the data-test-spinner attribute will be applied to the element that has ...attributes on it, or on the component wrapper div element if you don't use tagName = ''.

Usage with Curly Components

If you still use the old curly invocation syntax for components you can pass data-test-* arguments to the components and they will automatically be bound on the wrapper element too:

{{spinner color="blue" data-test-spinner=true}}

Please note that the automatic argument binding only works for components based on @ember/component, but not @glimmer/component.

Usage in Ember addons

If you want to use ember-test-selectors in an addon make sure that it appears in the dependencies section of the package.json file, not in the devDependencies. This ensures that the selectors are also stripped correctly even if the app that uses the addon does not use ember-test-selectors itself.


You can override when the data-test-* attributes should be stripped from the build by modifying your ember-cli-build.js file:

var app = new EmberApp({
  'ember-test-selectors': {
    strip: false

strip accepts a Boolean value and defaults to !app.tests, which means that the attributes will be stripped for production builds, unless the build was triggered by ember test. That means that if you use ember test --environment=production the test selectors will still work, but for ember build -prod they will be stripped out.


ember-test-selectors is developed by and © simplabs GmbH and contributors. It is released under the MIT License.

ember-test-selectors is not an official part of Ember.js and is not maintained by the Ember.js Core Team.

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