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Welcome to Stoffi

This repo is actually just a pseudo repo. Stoffi is actually divided into several repositories.

  • stoffi-web

    Contains the website which contains general information about the project, but also the cloud API.

  • stoffi-player-core

    A cross-platform library which contains the core of the music player. Here you find code for managing playlists, playing music, talking to the cloud, and more.

  • stoffi-player-win

    The Windows player

  • stoffi-player-plugin

    The plugin API on which is what you would base your plugin code on if you wanted to write a plugin.

There's actually more repos which I haven't created yet. For example the not-yet-finished GUI for Mac OS X, the Chrome extension, as well as the remote app for iPhone. I will publish these repos either when I decide to continue to work on them, or if someone actually requests them. :)


  1. Fork the repo where you want to contribute
  2. Create your feature branch

    git checkout -b issueXX-a-short-name

    Replace XX with the ID of the issue you are working on. If there is no issue describing what you want to do, just create one.

  3. Commit your changes

    git commit -am 'Add some feature'

  4. Push to the branch

    git push origin issueXX-a-shortname

  5. Create new Pull Request