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Welcome to the Simple.OData.Client

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Simple.OData.Client is a multiplatform OData client library supporting .NET 4.x, netstandard 2.0, Android and iOS. The adapter provides a great alternative to WCF Data Services client. It does not require generation of context or entity classes and fits RESTful nature of OData services.

Getting started with Simple.OData.Client
Simple.OData.Client basic API
Simple.OData.Client fluent API
Retrieving data
Modifying data
Request authentication and interception
Advanced OData tutorial
Using Simple.OData.Client with Xamarin iOS and Android mobile apps

Further information can be found on the wiki.


Project Status Description
simple-odata-client simple-odata-client-status Combined Package that can work with OData feeds that implement both V1-3 and V4 OData Protocol
simple-odata-v3-client simple-odata-v3-client-status Smaller footprint client supporting only OData feeds V1-3
simple-odata-v4-client simple-odata-v4-client-status Smaller footprint client supporting only OData feeds V4


Detailed changes for each release are documented in the release notes and a list of releases can be found here


Thank you to all the people who have contributed to the project.

Source code Contributors



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