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@@ -51,10 +51,28 @@ Every function has a comment that ideally includes:
* If the function depends on another function in the library, a note of this, like
`depends on mean()`
+## Tests
+`simple-statistics` has a testsuite located in `test/spec/`. Each test file
+covers a specific topic and tries to test against known values:
+* Values produced by trusted statistics software like R or scipy
+* Common-sense results
+Tests can be run in [node.js]( and are run on every commit
+to GitHub by Travis-CI.
+To run tests:
+npm install
+npm test
## Documentation
While the code is meant to readable, it is not documentation. We maintain
-documentation in ``, which as the simple form:
+documentation in ``, which has the simple form:
### .geometric_mean(x)

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