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Run Resque on Heroku
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Automatically handle db connection and disconnection during forking of resque jobs on Heroku Cedar stack.

This plugin is for Rails only since it hooks into ActiveRecord callbacks.

Fixes the following postgres log errors…

PGError: server closed the connection unexpectedly


LOG:  could not receive data from client: Connection reset by peer
LOG:  unexpected EOF on client connection

This is not an official Heroku gem.


Install the gem in your Gemfile

gem 'resque-heroku'

Require the module in an initializer (config/initializers/resque.rb)

require 'resque/plugins/heroku'

Extend the worker classes

class Job
  extend Resque::Plugins::Heroku

  def self.perform
    # do stuff

Require this file in your Rakefile

require 'resque/plugins/heroku/tasks'

Start the Resque worker in your Procfile using `rake jobs:work`

worker: bundle exec rake jobs:work
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