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:: Simple 2D Command-Line Utility for Windows
@echo off
:: The installed version
set S2D_VERSION=1.2.0
:: Set flags used to build Simple 2D apps
set S2D_FLAGS=/I %LOCALAPPDATA%\simple2d /link /LIBPATH %LOCALAPPDATA%\simple2d\simple2d.lib /SUBSYSTEM:CONSOLE
:: Compile a C file
if "%~1"=="build" (
if "%~2"=="" (
echo Error: no input files
exit /b 0
cl %2 /Fo%~np2 /Fe%~np2 %S2D_FLAGS%
del %~np2.obj
exit /b 0
:: Output includes and libraries
if "%~1"=="--libs" (
echo %S2D_FLAGS%
exit /b 0
:: Print current version
if "%~1"=="-v" goto :print_version
if "%~1"=="--version" goto :print_version
:: If no matches, print usage message
call :print_usage
exit /b 0
:: End main script, start functions
echo %S2D_VERSION%
exit /b 0
echo Simple 2D is a simple, open-source 2D graphics engine for everyone.
echo Usage: simple2d [--libs] [-v^|--version]
echo ^<command^> ^<options^>
echo Summary of commands and options:
echo build Compiles a Simple 2D app provided a C/C++ source file
echo --libs Outputs libraries needed to compile Simple 2D apps
echo -v^|--version Prints the installed version
exit /b 0
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